The Cost Of Good Lighting? It's Nothing Compared To The Cost Of Bad Lighting

  • October 12,2019.

Lighting is often seen as an easy place to cut costs and save money on office fit-out and refurbishment projects, but substandard solutions have a hidden ongoing cost to any employer. Here's how to make sure the lighting you provide brings value in the long term.

Led Street Light

Partly because of this higher initial price hurdle, some sellers have focused on promoting the energy-saving potential of LED lighting at the expense of quality. But this has come at the same time as a revolution in the science of how light affects the body, which has produced more evidence than ever before that quality of light in the workplace is crucial for keeping employees healthy and productive. This presents a challenge for lighting professionals because, while the cost of lighting is easy enough to quantify in euros or pounds, it’s tricky to put a number on the value of good lighting for businesses. Tricky – but not impossible. To understand the value of good lighting, we first need to understand the cost of people to a business. According to research in the US and the UK, staffing accounts for more than half of a business’s total costs, and around 90% of the cost of running an office, eclipsing the cost of buildings and maintenance. With this in mind, the cost of lighting – whether upfront or over time – seems relatively trivial. Let’s say that better lighting could make your staff 1% more productive, take 1% less time off sick, or make 1% fewer mistakes. Then the extra investment would easily have paid for itself.

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