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How to make sure a led module guarantee 7 years?

  • August 14,2017.

Zonke Goode Lighting Co., Ltd. estabilished in 2009. We mainly produce Cree led modules and module’s application products.

Now we provide 7 years warranty for the modules and 5 years warranty for the full lamps.

Why can guarantee 7 years warranty for the modules? That’s because our special produce progress, the high quality materials, and the technicial disspation designed.

We use the soldering machine to make this modules.

1500pcs Modules/8Hrs/Machine.

  • Soldering technology:  To make sure the LED heat to heat sink more faster, more uniformity and less heat resistance to keep led Junction temperature lower than warranty the led lamp long life time and lower light degradation
  • Heat sink: Magnalium (Mg/AL):  More light & Transfer speed is more faster than common AL

  • Cree LEDs, flip chip technology, single units damage won't affect others' normal work
  • The most complete optical engine in the world;
  • Multiple lighting distributions available;
  • Wide power range: 30W, 45W, 50W, 60W, 40W;
  • IP67-waterproof level, hot pluggable, easy for installation and replacement;
  • Independent intellectual property rights;
  • Easy tool onsite maintenance and repair;